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Above the Fray: Rachel Comey Does It Again

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We're currently wearing our Rachel Comey boots as a reminder than we don't need any more Rachel Comey boots. Still, it's really hard to resist today's sample sale, which is going on at 335 W. 35th Street until 9pm tonight. According to several high-level Racked informants, pricing for Comey's vintage-y womenswear hovers around $150 a piece, although dresses and skirts tend to fall between $180 and $280. Comey's quilted jackets are $225, and some racks have a three-for-$100 deal. Check your purchases carefully. Writes one of our spies, "Some items are definitely samples—I tried on a button-up blouse with button holes but no buttons and a dress with a neck hole too small to fit over my (normal-sized) head."

Of course, if you're going, you're probably there for Comey's standout accessories. Belts are $50, knit hats are $100, and pony-hair clutches are $375. Sample shoes are $115-$200, with a whole area of women's samples going for $100 each or three for $250. We hear that sizes 6 and 7 are well represented, with an occasional 9 thrown in for fun. Expect to see a lot of sandals for $75, about which one of our tipsters just heard someone say, "These are not working. They're all stretched out. If they were leather I'd get more excited. Or if they were $40 I'd get them." Lady, if they were $40, we'd all get them.

As people get off work, the sale is filling up with girls who look like Feist. Which reminds us: Men, this is a really good place to meet your indie rock soulmate while also picking up stellar footwear. Men's shoes are mostly sample sizes priced at $50 to $100, but there's also a one pair of non-samples in sizes 8.5 through 13, all going for $200.
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Rachel Comey

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