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Collabs: Dress Your Apple Products Up In Paul Smith

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Talk about perfect gifts for the well-dressed man with a cadre of Apple products! Paul Smith released a collection of cases for Apple items late last week, and of course all the best items like the iPhone sleeve and the Macbook envelope cases are sold out online.

Although the striped Nano socks are a bit dull (and expensive at $48 for a pack of three), the Mini Cooper Macbook sleeve and the matching Flight Bag are quite handsome. It's too bad the black envelope sleeves are sold out, because those are the standouts in our opinion; even the purple dotted interior is unique.

But we've got good news and bad news for Paul Smith fans! The good news: a quick call to the Paul Smith shops on Fifth Avenue and Greene Street yielded the intel that the products are boutique-bound, but they haven't arrived yet. The bad news: the sales associate don't know exactly when they'll arrive, and if it'll be in time for Christmas. So a Paul Smith gift card it is, then?

Update: Official word from Paul Smith's people says that these products are for the UK only, online for now and to be in Europe Paul Smith stores for Spring/Summer 2010. A trip to London, then?
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