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Above the Fray: Catherine Malandrino Is Classy, Pricey

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The Catherine Malandrino sale at the Metropolitan Pavilion is, well, the Catherine Malandrino of sample sales. Like her stores, it's a little nicer than many other sales. The racks are more spread out and the clothes are pretty, with sizes tending toward the lower end and prices tending toward the higher one. There are even mannequins on display, dressed in Malandrino attire.

Thankfully, there is no line to get into the sale, nor into the fitting rooms. The stock is from this past year, all seasons, although we didn't see much that is currently in the stores. Prices are up to 75% off retail. There are tons of short dresses, all priced at $145, with the exception of a few leather ones which were $295—the same price as all of the longer dresses. Tops and sweaters are running $125, while bottoms are the bargain of the sale at just $45 for pants and $55 for skirts. The coat selection is limited, but fun, with beige, silver and a even a few black leather jackets selling at $295, and some of the most unique puffy down coats we've ever seen, complete with studs, high Victorian collars and long, surprisingly slimming waists, priced at $395.

Right now, the sale just has Catherine Malandrino clothing, but rumor has it that tomorrow they'll be getting in a big warehouse shipment of Malandrino and Vintage Malandrino, the designer's significantly more expensive lines. There is no word on prices, but we expect them to run proportionately higher.
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