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Lineblogging: Target's Pop-Up Left Out in the Cold

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When Target's Meatpacking District pop-up shop opened to the public at 9:30 this morning, about fifteen very dedicated, possibly frostbitten fans were waiting under the High Line. The first in line explained proudly from deep within a fur-lined hood that she had gotten there at 8am. It's 25 degrees in Manhattan right now, but it feels like 9 with the wind chill—and the High Line is one of the wind-chilliest places in the city. As such, we're pretty confident that the line is not going to expand much over the course of the day, despite the lure of just-launched pieces from Target's Rodarte collaboration.

Before opening to fans, the Target stand entertained a busload of families from the Salvation Army who'd been selected to win $100 gift cards. Between the Salvation Army crowd and the many photographers, it was impossible to spot Rachel Bilson, but we imagine she was wearing many adorable layers. If not, she probably should have been. By the time we left, a Target employee had taken it upon himself to lead the line-waiters in calisthenics to stay warm, and our own fingers were completely numb.
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Gansevoort and Washington Streets, New York, NY