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In The Window: Jack Spade's Yeti Knows If You've Been Bad Or Good

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It's snowing on Bleecker Street! Or well, at least inside of Jack Spade's boutique it is; they've got a nice soft faux snowfall coming down in the windows, over a Yeti making a Christmas list and a chainsaw chilling with mittens and journals.

Don't fret though, the chainsaw's teeth have been removed as it's just for atmosphere; everyone know a Jack Spade man isn't that rugged. It's a completely different direction from last year's theme: a fruitcake shop. Yes, we actually bought a hunk of the fruitcake last year too, and made them gift wrap it all up so that our friend thought he was getting a Jack Spade wallet. This year maybe we'll spring for a lock of Yeti hair?
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400 Bleecker Street, New York, NY