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Above the Fray: Overwhelmed at Opening Ceremony

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We spent about two minutes perusing the racks at the jam-packed Opening Ceremony sale, slowly examining each and every print, cut, brand, and price, before realizing we were taking on an impossible task. The clothing, while plentiful, was crazily disorganized, and the place looked like the walk-in closet of someone who had had a very rough couple of weeks. From our observations, the majority of the clothing ran in the $100-$300 range, with a fair amount under $300. However, we also spotted a few pieces for $400 and above, including a dress in the $800 range.

The best way to shop the sale is to a) be very patient and b) dig through the cardboard boxes kicked around underneath the racks. Everything in those was under $100, and we're pretty sure we saw every single type of garment in every type of material with every type of embellishment and print. It helps to go in with a game plan. This is not the type of sale to approach with an open mind. Pick what you want to buy, divide, and conquer. Otherwise, you'll still be on Mulberry Street when the sale ends Sunday night.

Highlights: There was a great selection of shoes—some from Peter Jensen and a gorgeous pair from Proenza Schouler that were $598. We also spotted many Opening Ceremony styles for either $50 or $75. There was also a nice selection of blazers and jackets.

The men's section was a quarter of the size of the women's floor, which made it somewhat more manageable. Prices were slightly lower than in the women's section. We liked a wool grey, navy, and burgundy vest for $100 and an Opening Ceremony black wool jacket with a tan windowpane print for $200. The shoes were also less plentiful but nicely priced—we saw a lot of red $50 stamped on the boxes. Still, even the menswear was a lot to handle: As we left we heard a man moaning "It's just so overwhelming."—Lauren Frankfort
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Opening Ceremony

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