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In The Window: Santa's Got 99 Problems, But Moschino Ain't One

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The creative brilliance of the big, extra window at Moschino's West 14th Street boutique continues with a tongue-in-cheek ode to the stress of the holidays. Santa's got issues, and naturally he's going to lay on the couch of the mannequin dressed in Moschino.

But it doesn't take a $1,000 tailored jacket to figure out his problem: the list that his little dog is tearing up at his feet? Yea, it has "bike pony blue bicycle ponies tricycle" typed over and over on it to make it appear like a real list. If all the kids in the world want bicycles and ponies, then that's putting a lot on the shoulders of his elves. Not to mention how many sleigh trips he'd need to get that crap doled out. Oh Moschino?you send our mind into some weird places.
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Moschino Boutique

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401 West 14th Street, New York, NY