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Collabs: Inside A Rodarte For Target Dress

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Bright and early this morning noon, we reported to the scene of the Target Drive-Thru Pop-Up that's due to open to the public tomorrow at 9:30am with an appearance from Rachel Bilson. Today however, Target invited the press to drool over the concept and the items available for purchase, among them the Rodarte for Target ribcage dress, black shoulder-baring dress, peach slip dress, and the bow belts in black and leopard-print.

Curious about the quality, we restrained ourselves and only purchased the $39.99 peach dress, which actually turned out to be more of a pleasing, antique lace color. We originally got a first glimpse of this baby back during the uber-private press preview, where Paper blogger Julia Frakes tweeted these pictures. Since then, they appeared to have better matched the silk shoulder bow color to the dress.

It's "Made in China" of course, but then we are talking about a Rodarte dress for $39.99 here. The top layer, the netting, is 100% nylon and the slip underneath is 100% polyester with 100% nylon lace details. Because of these lovely synthetic fabrics, you can wash it in a washing machine and throw it in the dryer (on low).

Regarding fit, we haven't yet had a chance to try it on?and you wont' be able to either, since you purchase it at the pop-up drive-thru and it's already in a candy-cane stripe gift bag. Nonetheless, if it doesn't fit to your liking, your receipt works for returns at any regular old Target store. The length is nice though, coming to the knee and complimenting the coquettish appeal of the whole piece. It looks pretty, like you are almost required to don it with kitten heels and a sparkly butterfly hairclip. Or you know?shredded black tights and military boots, if you want to play it the Rodarte way.

We also snagged the black bow belt, which is one size only and seems to extend out only so far as a size 10. It's priced at $12.99.

Get yours bright and early tomorrow at the intersection of Gansevoort and Washington Streets in the Meatpacking District, at 9:30am. The store will only be open through the weekend, and after that you'll have to wait until the line launches in regular Target stores on December 20.

Update: We finally put the dress on and can report three observations: it is shorter than we originally thought, at about 2-4 inches above the knee. It is for the small-boobed and anyone not wearing it with a thick nude bra will need nude pasties. It is extremely prone to major static cling; invest in Static Guard!
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Washington Street and Gansevoort Street, New York, NY