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Above the Fray: Braving the Cold for Womenswear at Rag & Bone

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Fans of Rag & Bone risked hypothermia to faithfully wait in line for deals on both women's and men's collections. Before we get down to the details, we just have a, um, bone to pick: The staff need to do a better job of informing shoppers that there are two different lines for the women's and men's sales. We witnessed confusion and then frustration when ladies realized they had been waiting in the wrong line. The cold winter weather and slight delay just fueled the anticipation and we witnessed some near arguments as we waited for the store to open.

On the womenswear side, the sale is organized by type of clothing with sizes varied within the racks. There are random items mixed into each rack, though, and we predict that it will become even more random as the day progresses, so be prepared to mount a thorough search. On jackets rack ($190), we saw some military styles, cropped numbers and lots of blazers. The jeans ($80) are located near the back and offer washes from light to dark from sizes 24 to 30. The coats, marked down to $280, offered pretty generous selection, too. The full price list is found in the photos, but also check the $40 sample rack with items equally as random—from light, airy button-down shirts to a few long-sleeved, button-neck Camden dresses in brown to windbreaker ponchos.

Pickings are slim among women's shoes ($100) and boots ($200)—some flats, lace-up work boots and one pair of pumps. There are also some size 40 samples in other styles for the same prices, located near the cash register.

There is a communal fitting area that accommodates five people max, so staffers encourage shoppers to try on outerwear in the main floor, which became increasingly stuffy. As for restocking, they will only restock in small amounts once a day, not throughout the day. Hopefully the line will dissipate as the day goes on and the temperature continues to drop. However, as we left, it wasn't looking likely.
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