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Pop Ups: A Preview of Target's High Line 3-Day Shop

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Whether or not you give a crap about the Rodarte for Target collaboration, if you're in favor of quickly shopping for presents for family and friends, you might want to swing by Target's Holiday Drive-Thru Pop Up when it opens tomorrow at 9:30am.

The shop, snugly positioned right underneath the Gansevoort entrance of to the High Line on Washington Street, will only be around through Sunday. If you do drop by, you'll stand in a queue with a clipboard, which lists all of the available products and their item numbers. You can peek at the items via a row of display windows along the side of the shop, but no touching or trying on!

Mark which items you'd like to purchase on an order form straight out of our 5th grade memories of holiday gift catalogs, and you'll pay and get your receipt before even seeing the items. It's extremely swift, and you pick up your already gift-bagged packages at the end of the storefront.

Items for sale are grouped into $25 and under (Rodarte belts and Burt's Bees kits), $50 and under (this is where you'll find Rodarte dresses), and then the electronic pricey things, like 16GB iPod Nanos and digital cameras. In a way, it's a lot like online shopping translated back into brick-and-mortar. Don't forget the $1.59 stocking stuffer invisible tape!
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Washington Street and Gansevoort Street, New York, NY