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Give Lady GaGa a Makeover, Win a Free Clutch!

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Today marks the First of December, which means that we are officially in the season of giving. All month, we'll be sharing the best swag we can get our hands on, starting with one lovely burnt sienna suede Lauren Merkin clutch. It's a special little bag, so it requires a special contest—and nothing says "special" lately quite like Lady Gaga.

As such, here is your mission: Give the Lady a makeover via Photoshop. You can style her for her next video or for a trip to Starbucks, dress her up or dress her down, find a way to make her Bad Romance get-ups look tame or put her in the ladylike Tory Burch flats you've always secretly thought would suit her. No need to use the photo above, although we do love it—just make sure it's clear that the person pictured is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta herself. Email us your submissions by the end of the day on Friday, and check back in Monday to vote for the winner. May the best "Lady" win!