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Inside Revamped H&M 5th Ave, With Jimmy Choo!

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This afternoon at Fifth Avenue and 51st Street, the mega H&M reopened with all departments free of painter dropcloth and sporting a very geometric, very new-rave remodeled look.

Where you first enter into the atrium, it like a maze of the trendiest items that H&M carries, complete with mannequins in blazing pink afro wigs and matching shaggy coats. This is where they set up the designer collaborations on the day of release as well, so familiarize yourself with it before Saturday's Choo launch.

Also on the first floor are two accessory closets, all black and tunnel-like, and they sit on the walls to the far right and left of the atrium. Moving up to mens on the second floor, we see the revamped look most here, with a clean aesthetic despite the all black shelves, and oriental rugs imparting a luxurious, distinguished mood. Our favorite area was the suiting section, slightly more enclosed than the rest of the floor and with an excellently organized wall of shirts and large table of knickknacks that attempts to evoke the feel of the Ralph Lauren Purple Label brand. We likey.

Meanwhile, on the top women's floor, nothing much has changed to our eyes, Shelves are white, and sections are heavily organized by color. Because of the impending winter, there's a navy blue section, a large red section, and a veritable ocean of pitch black clothing with sparkles and touches of gold here and there. In fact, we got a Roberto Cavalli for H&M vibe from quite a lot of it.

If you wander back down to the selection of womenswear on the first floor, you might notice some hired muscle guarding the contents of a window display. He's got his eye on the actual Jimmy Choo for H&M items, in the flesh, sitting there in the Fifth Avenue window. We managed to cop a feel of one of the big black purses and the suede dress with fringe, and that fringe is straight-up buttery leather. That doesn't mean it will look flattering on us though, and that guard is there to make sure that no one tries to steal it, buy it, try it on, or even look at it sideways. Good luck even getting near it; we were lucky.
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