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When It Comes to Lines, The Droid Is No iPhone

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Line-waiters at midnight, dreaming of Droids.  Photo via <a href="">CNET</a>
Line-waiters at midnight, dreaming of Droids. Photo via CNET

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Last night at midnight, over a hundred people stood in line outside the Verizon store on 34th Street, waiting to get their hands on Motorola's new iPhone-challenging Droid. That's a respectable turnout, but it's nothing close to the madness that tends to surround iPhone launches. It's too early to tell what this means for the Droid, but it's certainly good news for shoppers. Quoth CNET:

Verizon Wireless spokesman David Samberg said he felt confident that Verizon would be able to meet customer demand for the new Droid in New York City. The 34th Street store alone had at least 500 Droids as well as some HTC Android Eris phones, and Samberg said he expects anyone wanting to buy a Droid on Friday in New York City will be able to get one.
A Twitter search confirms his expectations so far. While one shopper hears rumors that some Verizon stores are busy, most of the comments about the wait look like this one: "The line to get a Droid at the Verizon store: short & dorky."
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