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All Saints to Hit Soho In April, Expanding In Bloomies

The All Saints Shop-in-Shop At Bloomingdale's
The All Saints Shop-in-Shop At Bloomingdale's

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After yesterday's reminder from Elle that desired British brand All Saints had launched a US e-commerce site with free shipped, we remembered that hey?don't they have a shop-in-a-shop up at Bloomgindale's? And yes since late this summer, yes they do, and so we set off today to peruse the All Saints stock of Rick Owens-y knits and leather, and to-die-for deconstructed jackets.

While mulling over the twisted cardigans and trying to avoid the melee over in the shoe section, we were hit with a deluge of intel on the future of All Saints in the United States...

First, the local news for All Saints:
· Restocking of the Bloomies boutique happens daily. Piece by piece, new items come filtering in from Britain and although it's true the best stuff is saved for the UK, the selection here is quite representative of the awesome items that All Saints turns out.
· After this successful launch of the US e-commerce site and the Bloomingdale's boutique, the latter will be expanding to double their space on the Bloomies salesfloor. Not only does this mean more stock in general, but a whole shoe and accessories department.

Now, for the big stuff:
· The first All Saints freestanding boutique in the United States will land next spring on LA's Robertson Boulevard. Lucky left coasters.
· In April, New York will follow with its own All Saints shop outside of the Bloomies' space. It will of course happen in Soho, where all Bloomies mini boutiques seem to end up sooner or later (we're talking about you, Comptoir des Cotonniers).
· Although there's no news on if these freestanding stores will carry the home line, they will have the menswear and childrens. For this we are just as excited, since the men's line has some ridiculously unique pieces with metal threads that we want now. Now, do you hear?

Rest assured that we'lll keep you updated on All Saints' US movements.
· All Saints [Official US site]
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