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Hangover Observations: Lingerie Party at Only Hearts

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It started, as so many things do, with a pair of lace bike shorts. Kaya Stuart, daughter of Only Hearts founder Helena Stuart, was shopping on the Lower East Side recently when she found a pair of little shorts that looked like the ones her mom used to design for her to wear to kindergarten in the '80s. Only Hearts had boxes of unused, unworn lingerie from the past thirty years, as Kaya knew from helping the company move recently. Why not put them on sale? So was born the Only Hearts pop-up shop, currently taking place inside the store's Nolita location at 230 Mott Street.

At last night's launch party, waitresses wearing what looked the line's own vintage black slips wove carefully through the crowded little store, serving coconut water and lemony pink punch. Kaya and Helena Stuart greeted well-wishers while shoppers examined the racks of lacey underthings. Some of the goods, it must be said, had yellowed with age, but the many sheer bodysuits and leggings seemed entirely current. Twice, we found ourselves chatting with friendly strangers about which contemporary brands had revived the aesthetic: "This would look right at home in Topshop" or "I'm pretty sure I just saw this at American Apparel." Of course, at Only Hearts, the black lace bodysuit is from the first time around, back when Madonna was dating Basquiat and Dov Charney was all of 14 years old.
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