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Storecasting: Filling Banana Republic's Gaps in Soho

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Have you ever been wandering around Soho, laden with shopping bags (you'll have to look far back to the days when you could still afford to be laden with shopping bags), and realized you were in need of some little, whatever basic to complete your outfit for later that night? A simple pocket tee shirt, an inexpensive belt, black flats—some little something that doesn't have a Bloomingdale's price tag. You turn to your friends and ask them, "Is there a Gap in Soho?" The answer is always no, and you end up improvising—or wishing you had improvised while waiting in line at Daffy's.

Someone at Gap headquarters finally heard those pleas, albeit a bit late. It seems the Banana Republic menswear shop at 528 Broadway that closed for renovations in April is reopening on the 13th as a Gap. Signage plugs the 1969 line, but we can't imagine a shop this big being devoted only to Gap's upper crust garments. Hopefully they just mean shoppers will be able to find the complete line of 1969 denim without having to brave train transfers and tourists at the 54th and Fifth flagship. Meanwhile, a co-ed Banana should be taking form a block north at 550 Broadway.
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