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Critical Shopping

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The Critical Shopper is back at the Times this week with Cintra Wilson investigating Tom Binns and fashion's current love of a PG version of the 1980s minus all the sex and drugs. Wilson happily observes that "jewelry designer Tom Binns proves he has no problem dredging all the desirable filth out of the '80s and adding a bit of his own," which is all well and good, but it's somehow strange to read a critical shopping column that's as detached, informative and generally positive as this one. But it sounds like the jewelry for sale in the store, aside from a couple pieces in the tens-of-thousands-of-dollars range that have Wilson and the store's own staff stymied, includes some pieces that could be buyable and worth buying. So in this case we're willing to forgive the column for actually informing us about something. [NYT]