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Skinny Trousers Too Disruptive for Texas School

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Poor school administrators. Just when they've finally gotten a handle on the scourge of baggy jeans, trouser trends swing the other way, and suddenly they're faced with seventh-graders wearing suspiciously well-cut pants. The young hooligan pictured above was sent home from a middle school in Mesquite, Texas for wearing (per the Fox News narration) "the new slacks the kids all call"—dramatic anchorwoman pause—"skinny pants." The Mesquite school district has a strict dress code; stripes, for example, are also forbidden, and heaven help the kid who shows up in jeans. In other words, it's safe to say the rest of the country isn't about to be swept by a wave of Cheap Monday-based expulsions. Still, we feel for the tween fashion offender. Don't worry, kid: Someday you'll be able to move to New York, where you can wear your pants whatever way you want without anyone judging you—oh wait.
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