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In the Window: Twinkle the Snowflake and Saks

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Saks finally took the curtains off their long-awaited holiday windows just in time for Thanksgiving—so obviously, we were too blissed out on turkey and several glasses of red to be there. But we went today! Rain and all! And, we were delighted!

Saks continued their tradition of bringing a new children's holiday tale to life. This year, it's Mike Reiss' Twinkle Twinkle Little Snowflake, the story of a shy yet bedazzled snowflake (named Twinkle, try and keep up) who discovers that life's journey is really just part of the fun. Perhaps it's a metaphor for the newly unemployed and a collective path to self-discovery? Take heart, people, and learn from the snowflake as she relishes her travels from barnyards to European capitals to Rockefeller Center to Saks (shocker). And, like Twinkle, accept the fact that what you thought was an idyllic frozen pond being crossed by a lumbering bear is actually the rink at 30 Rock and some large woman in purple fur—and either way maybe you were meant to be there. Or something. Whatever, it's cute.
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