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Nintendo Targets Chic Geeks With Fashion-Sim Game

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Image via GameSpot

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Normally we only go in for video games where we get to shoot things and make them explode, but The Moment just reviewed Style Savvy, the new fashion-sim game for the Nintendo DSi, and it actually sounds kind of awesome. You start out the game playing an entry-level employee at a little boutique, and your goal, we think, is to become Rachel Zoe. Clients come to you with individual budgets, personalities and styles, and you have to pick outfits for them from an exhaustive selection of garments, including some from Charlotte Ronson.

Hilariously, you have a skinny-suit-wearing boss and a passive-aggressive fellow stylist who wants to take you down a peg. (We'd also buy a game where you play a passive-aggressive stylist whose goal is to crush the idealistic newbie with snark.) To get good scores you have to read in-game fashion magazines to keep abreast of trends, and you have to know all the in-game fashion lines, like one called Capsule that does vintage-style shirtdresses. If you do well on the earlier levels, you get to open your own boutique. We're not sure what happens after that, but we kind of hope you get to shoot something and make it explode.
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