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Juicy Couture Tells Fifth Avenue To 'Do The Don'ts'

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And to this, we say: "no thank you." Juicy Couture is at it again with their Fifth Avenue flagship, putting up almost nonsensical little slogans to catch the eyes of suburban tourist shoppers during the primo November shopping days.

Although this "Do the Don'ts" window is not nearly as bad as their old "Let Them Eat Tracksuits" plywood, it does rank below "Kiss My Couture." Yes, we keep track of Juicy Couture's stupid sayings just like with any other giant Fifth Avenue window display.

So now we hypothesize as to why Juicy is asking their shoppers to "Do the Dont's," or more clearly?to ignore what's fashionable. Perhaps it is because some things currently considered "don'ts" are Juicy's specialities? Namely velour and terry tracksuits, sweatpants with "Juicy" on the butt, and frou-frou overload. Hey, they've got to stay in business too, right? So at least, in a roundabout way, they are acknowledging that Juicy isn't a fashionable brand. Hmm...but then what of their new Bird brand?
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