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In the Window: Bergdorf's Crazy Pet Tricks

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While Bergdorf's Fifth Avenue windows are celebrating Alice in Wonderland, the side windows are breaking ranks to celebrate the holidays with their own themes. First the southern-facing windows showed off a music theme, and now the northern-facing windows have unveiled some truly epic feats of animal-building.

You know chainette fringe? That stuff cheap flapper Halloween costumes are made of? Well, Bergdorf made polar bears out of it. Enormous, jewel-headed polar bears with crowns and scepters. There are also more flamingos on this side of the building. We're not totally sure why the flamingos are Scottish, but they match the outfit, so we're not complaining. We are starting to think seriously about hats. They're really making all of these outfits.

The beaded, topiary horses are amazing. We love spotting the little flowers and succulents on them, and the flying grass manes speak to our inner 8-year-old drama queens. The horses are cool enough that we had a hard time focusing on the admittedly very pretty white gown, even though the mannequin is wearing half an ostrich on her head. Last up is a safari tableau with giraffes, monkeys, and equestrian equipment. This one leaves us a bit cold, so we're going back to the the one with the polar bears. Which one is your favorites?
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