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Contests: Blogger Won't Let Bluefly Push Her Around

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Images via StyleList

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For the past few weeks, StyleList and Bluefly have been running a contest to crown America's most stylish blogger. Bluefly sends the contestants an article of clothing, and they create an outfit around it. This could easily have devolved into a trend-heavy mutual appreciation society, with contestants raving about obvious fall pieces, except that Bluefly seems intent on deliberately giving them the strangest, hardest-to-wear items in their giant virtual warehouse. The result is a fascinating social experiment, as the bloggers try to explain how they would style such questionable gifts. Out of the eight contestants, the seven with names like Chic Steals and Society Stylist feel obliged to churn out some lukewarm praise about the items being "flirty" or "glam." But then there's Dirty Flaws. Crotchety, honest, semi-bald Dirty Flaws.

On a fuchsia miniskirt, she wrote: "It's November, I have half a haircut, my head and ears are freezing and you would never catch me in this pink skirt sent to me. I attempted to dye it as dark as possible, flipped it over my head and turned it into a head scarf." On a plaid button-down: "I can only imagine the people over at having a good laugh as to what the girls will come up with to do with the products sent." On this week's tie-dyed leggings: "If by the grace of god I had to physically wear these out of the house I'd probably drown myself in a ton of fabric sort of like I did here. They are great as lounge wear for me but that's about it." Preach on, sister.
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