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Freebies: Look Out for Gap's Holiday Cheer(leaders)

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The Gap is aiming to bring holiday shoppers some cheer this season—and not just through their ubiquitous TV ads. This weekend, "a spirited group of 12 professional dancers and drummers" will be parading through the streets of New York, chanting, dancing, and drumming up excitement for the store's weekend sale. These cheerleaders aren't all pep, though...they'll be carrying around plenty of swag, including free rugby-striped sweaters, gift certificates for a free pair of jeans, and "Buy One, Get One 50% off" coupons. Their stops will include Times Square, Bryant Park, Fifth Avenue, Herald Square, and more. If you see a Buffalo Plaid Bus, then go see what's going on. We have a feeling they'll be way more entertaining than Christmas carolers.—Phillip Picardi
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