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Project Runway Top Ten: Auf Wiedersehen, Season 6

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One of winner Irina's riding hats in action
One of winner Irina's riding hats in action

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The first, and hopefully only, Los Angeles-based season of Project Runway is finally over, and what a long disappointing trip it's been. We were introduced to an eclectic, but not particularly interesting nor talented, group of designers. We had challenges, some fun, but none which stood out, with the exception of the maternity wear one, where one designer chose to make his "pregnant" model look like she was hatching an egg. And we had judges, oh, so many judges. With Michael Kors and Nina Garcia each being AWOL for much of the season, we were subjected to a smorgasbord of actresses with their own vanity labels and seemingly half the editorial staff of Marie Claire. Michael and Nina's absences also gave Heidi a chance to come out of her shell and show us just how cruel she could be.

We ended the season with three female finalists, none of whom viewers felt passionate about. The winner was the villainess we didn't love to hate, "Meana Irina." Her urban-influenced, all-black collection was cohesive, but not particularly memorable.

And now, as we bid Season Six "auf Wiedersehen," here is a round up of our favorite Top Ten Moments of Project Runway Greatness:

10). When Heidi describes Gordana's dress as "the saddest, most drab thing," all the other judges dutifully cackle with glee. Then they steal Gordana's homework and pour pigs' blood on her head at the prom. [Week 11]

9). Ra'Mon claims to have studied medicine before he became a fashion designer, but then describes the stages of a woman's pregnancy as "semesters." [Week 2]

8). Tim Gunn says, "Don't get me started on leggings," in a manner much like Elie Wiesel might say, "Don't get me started on Nazis." [Week 7]

7). Christopher's divorcee client tells him, "I don't want to look like a fat grandmother," but unfortunately says nothing about not resembling a foil-wrapped baked potato. [Week 8]

6). Michael Kors tells Nicolas, "I think you've got the wrong Greece, I think you got Grease the movie." Nicolas might have survived the week, had he responded with, "Tell me about it, Stud." [Week 10]

5). Christina Aguilera tells Logan that his design looks like something a cave woman would wear. Somewhere, Wilma Flintstone turns over in her tar pit. [Week 9]

4). Tim Gunn tells Epperson, "Ruffles have such a profound visual impact; I'm really seduced by them." Perhaps the famously unattached Gunn is relationship-free because he's never been wooed by a pirate. [Week 6]

3). Irina snarks that Christopher's dress, "looks like something an Amish woman would wear." Impossible! The belt is decorated with a button. [Week 10]

2). Jimmy Choo's president, Tamara Mellon, describes Logan's outfit as "a tragedy," rightfully putting it up there with the Bubonic Plague, Rwandan genocide and Lindsay Lohan's recent runway collection for Emanuel Ungaro. [Week 8]

1). Tim Gunn has Tim Gunn bobbleheads in his office! [Week 13]

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