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Macy's Unveils Holiday Windows A Week Early

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Last year, we tromped over to Herald Square the weekend of November 22nd for the unveiling of the Macy's holiday windows, complete with a story telling by Richard Griffiths (Vernon Dursley in Harry Potter movies) and a visit from Santa. This year however, we were stunned to mosey by the already-revealed Macy's windows in the middle of last week.

Assuming they did the whole grand unveiling then two weekends ago, that's a week earlier than normal. This helps our theory that in a few years, stores will start installing their holiday windows with the last hot day of summer.

Getting on with things, we will say that the Macy's giant tree lights are always nice, and this year's windows have a Santa's post office theme compete with touch screens for sending your own "mail" to Santa. Go now or risk being trampled during the next few weeks as the pedestrian zone at Herald Square is sure to attract in more casual shoppers.
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