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Fashion Incubator Update: We Have Visuals

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Last month we reported that Mayor Bloomberg had announced a plan to keep young fashion designers in New York City as well as keep some form of garment design and production in New York's fabled (but unraveling) Garment District. Today we peeped this piece on The Architect's Newspaper website—complete with renderings!

Though the 12 young designers have yet to be named—they'll be selected via some form of competition—we can tell you that the space is a former W. 38th St. showroom in the heart of the Garment District. The 10,000 square foot brick-lined space will feature 12 private studios; a wide-centralized hallway or "boulevard" appropriate for communal events and fashion shows; a front lobby and showroom space featuring modular wall panels allowing tenants to expand and contract communal spaces as needed; and a shared kitchen space. Studios will be available below market rates (starting at $1500 per month) and include a mentoring program through the CFDA.
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