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Pop-Up Shops: Alice + Olivia Gets the Scoop

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Images courtesy Patrick McMullan/Chance Yeh
Images courtesy Patrick McMullan/Chance Yeh

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After this weekend's weird one-two punch of pop-up shops that don't seem to actually sell anything, the Alice + Olivia flash store that took over Scoop Uptown last Friday feels like a welcome return to good old-fashioned consumerism. Designer Stacey Bendet doesn't want you to fiddle with kiosks or admire demo products—she wants you to shop. As such, she's commandeered 900 square feet of retail space at the Upper East Side Scoop, on Third Ave at 73rd Street, and she's not giving it up until after Christmas. Through December, the store will play host to Alice + Olivia's holiday, fall, and resort collections, including pieces like sequin-ribbon dresses and leather jackets. If this all sounds vaguely familiar, it might be because the opening party got an extra boost of publicity from host and Bendet buddy Ali Wise, who become Page Six fodder this summer after being arrested for hacking people's voice mails.
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1273-1277 3rd Ave, New York, NY