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Launches & Releases: Lucky's Online Shopping

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It's been a big week for e-commerce: DailyCandy's Swirl site went live yesterday (more on that to come), and now Lucky magazine has debuted its new shopping portal. As the editors explained to us over candy and mojitos in a Conde Nast conference room last night, they worked with over 40 discriminating retailers to set up an e-boutique that reflects Lucky's tastes. Then, they picked out their top selections in categories like "sparkly jewel embellishments" and "stylish daytime clutches." The result is a two-tiered search system: You can either take the direct pipeline to Lucky's favorite ten or fifteen choices, or you can spend some quality time browsing through a wider—but still curated—list of items.

According to editor-in-chief Kim France, the point it to avoid ShopStyle-esque overload, wherein you search "shoes" and wind up with so many options that you'd need to hire a research assistant to get through them all. The site also lets you sort by price, and if you sign up for "Lucky Rewards," you'll even get cash back. Editors plan to update it almost every day—or every time they get excited about a new trend or object, which, given that it's Lucky, ought to be often.
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