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In the Window: Bloomingdale's Ruins Christmas

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Oh, Bloomingdale's—we hate to say it, really and truly—but it needs to be said: your holiday windows are, like, the worst things ever. They're tacky, they're low-brow; they're garish, they're silly?And not in a charming, hilarious way. They're just bad. There are cheaply-costumed superheroes and atrociously dressed African-American mannequins that are naturally the Obamas; there are glitter-coated teddy bears and tranny pumps; there's a stilted dummy dancing on a giant Sidekick/Blackberry-thing that looks like it came out of a middle school play props department; there's a party of dancing lunatics in crazy party outfits from a Heatherette sample bin; there's even a massive twirling snow Santa that looks like he's about to eat the children that made him (and who might be about to attack him with snow shovels). Flip through the gallery, see for yourselves. And Bloomingdale's—better luck next year.
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