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Above the Fray: Raves for Ali Ro

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Image via <a href="">Ali Ro</a>
Image via Ali Ro

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A semi-regular Racked tipster sent us a gushing email about the Ali Ro sale in midtown. We'll let her explain the cause of her "retail euphoria":

Tell your readers to get themselves there NOW if possible. The sale ends at 5/5:30 pm today. Why? $15 dollar top-quality dresses by Donna Morgan and $30 dresses by Ali Ro.
Full racks of clothing, with great selection. Saw sizes from 2 all the way up to 14 with good representation of all sizes in between. I'm a 4 and I was in heaven. great work-wear and party dresses. Flattering cuts, quality fabrics. No unfinished crap here, and there's lots of stock.
I'm writing this still in a haze of retail euphoria. The salespeople were super nice and would offer you suggestions while clearing away the piles of clothing. There's a communal (non-curtained) dressing area, with one pitiful mirror, but there's enough space for all.
She concludes: "Wish this sample sale would go on forever."
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