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Above the Fray: Isabella Fiore's Bags Star at Soho Sale

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In a week of overcrowded and overpriced sample sales, Savvy & Co's Isabella Fiore and Mara Hoffman sale seems like a hidden treasure. Located in Savvy's new SoHo space on Greene Street, the sale is not overly-crowded, the staff is friendly and genuinely helpful, and the prices are very reasonable. While Mara Hoffman's print dresses are gorgeous and sexy, the real stars of the sale are the Isabella Fiore bags. The usually-pricey leather purses stand out, without being garish. This West Coast brand is not known for having New York sample sales, so for this event they went through their vaults collecting rare merchandise. The results include a wide variety of leather bags and accessories. Some are a little worse for wear, but all are new and most are in mint condition. There are usually only one or two bags in each style.

Although the fliers say that the prices on the merchandise are up to 75% off, we think there are even better deals to be had on some of the handbags. Clutches are just $50. Small and medium purses, which seemed fairly large to us, are only $75. Extra large bags and roller luggage totes run $150. We were there late today and they still had a varied selection. If you don't see anything you like, and you ask nicely, the staff will go through the boxes under the tables looking for purses they think will fit your style.

Although the line is not currently advertised as being part of the sale, there is also a large selection of Sarah Pacini's luxurious separates, including sweaters that Project Runway's Irina would appreciate. Saturday is the last day of the sale for all the brands, and there are rumors of special deals and reductions.
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