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Three Surprising Facts about Topshop's Philip Green

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Bloomberg News takes a long look at Sir Philip Green, the British mogul responsible for bringing Topshop to New York this past spring. The article covers Green's rise from suburban shopkeeper's son to retail king, focusing on his business savvy, but three facts particularly jumped out at us:

1.) He loathes overstuffed racks. The piece begins with Green shaking four purple crushed velvet dresses at a Topshop manager and saying, “Here’s one of my pet hates: too many garments on a rack." Clearly, he hasn't been to the Soho store lately. The giant fall sale taking place on the first floor would give him nightmares.

2.) He knows how to throw a party. In 2005, Green hired Beyonce to sing at his son's Bar Mitzvah. Seriously, kid, Mazel Tov on that.

3.) He's not daunted by the economy. "Green says Topshop’s U.S. outlet will be profitable in its first year thanks in part to his retailing flair." And you know what that means: More Topshops, coming soon.
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