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Street Scenes MPW: Erica on Mulberry and Prince

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This week, we're doing Street Scenes a little differently. Each shot was selected by Racked commenter MPW, who spent a day last week roaming the city with photographer Daniel Krieger. Today's subject is Erica, shot on the corner of Mulberry and Prince. Feel free to vote on whether you like or dislike her outfit below. Your choices are 'Perfection!,' 'So close,' 'I feel strangely ambivalent about it,' or 'Who did this to you?'

[Photo by Daniel Krieger]

Erica is wearing a Built by Wendy coat, a Necessary Objects shirt dress, Sol Moscot glasses, and an Unearthen necklace. Her boots are from Corso Como, and her bag is by Kooba. Her favorite store is In God We Trust.

Poll results

MPW says: "I chose Erica because I loved the contrast between her classic look and her amazing hair. Obviously, she's rocking a lot of volume on top, but it's balanced by the short dress and leggings. The beautiful woven leather on her boots and braided detailing on her purse add some texture, and I appreciate the fact that she wasn't afraid to pair brown with black. The crisp blue shirtdress adds a pop of color and looks great with her skin tone. Her look is laid-back and just a little quirky, and I think she's adorable."

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