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Lineblogging: Gender Equality at Steven Alan Sale

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Early reports from the Steven Alan sample sale promised insane deals from both the men's and women's collections, so we sent our most intrepid of correspondents to report in on the shape of the line.

7:34am: We're here! The line is maybe 12 people deep, and everyone is very well-dressed.

7:38am: This is always the one sample sale with the highest male-to-female ratio. Also the only one with people wearing clogs.

7:46am: The line has pretty much doubled.

7:47am: Guy behind me in a plaid jacket: "There's this one plaid jacket I saw online that I like." His friend: "It looks exactly like the one you have on!"

7:54am: There are definitely 50 people here, maybe more.

8:03am: The line is almost down to the end of the block.

8:07am: Maybe because it's Tribeca, every so often a a fashionable person walks by, looking ready to shop, and just blows right past the line. Where are these people going? Work? Don't they realize what's happening here?

8:15am: We'd say the line has hit 100 people at least.

8:16am: The world's two cutest salespeople just cut the line and entered the store.

8:17am: There's a guy in a second-floor window across the street who's watching us. Tempted to wave.

8:28am: They're letting us in! Were told to prepare for the coat check. Game faces ON!
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