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In the Window: A Very Merry Marc-mas

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Wow. Marc really likes him some bears this winter, polar bears that is. At the Marc by Marc Jacobs women's shop on Bleecker Street, the windows are typically full of whatever junk props can be dug up for each holiday, but for this Christmas, it's a bit overkill with giant plastic polar bears, fake trees sprayed psychedelic colors, and a mass of little penguins.

Unlike past holidays (see Easter for example), it looks like this year's window display might charge patrons to get their photo taken in the window, amongst the props. This little amenity will be run from November 27-December 24, 12pm to 8pm at the one location, and the sign points to proceeds being donated to "help save the life of Alice and her son Billy." We're guessing they are polar bears, since the whole window seeks to draw attention to Al Gore's Climate Project.

The T-shirts are already available for sale and will be until February, retailing for $28.

You know what would probably help The Climate Project more than selling T-shirts with a badly-drawn graphic on them? Perhaps discontinuing production of cheap plastic and vinyl accessories in China and then shipping them to Bleecker Street, but you know?just a thought.
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