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Above the Fray: A Sea Of Bags At Rebecca Minkoff

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You've seen them on the shelves at Bloomingdale's and you've seen them on the arms of starlets, and now they are all piled on folding tables in a rented space near Union Square and up for grabs at a discount. They're Rebecca Minkoff bags, and last night we dropped into the insane scene unfolding at 17 West 17th Street, otherwise known as VIP shopping night for the sale.

Whatever Rebecca does, she does it right. We waited in a line to enter, and it was already two hours into the sale when we arrived. Inside, the line to pay snaked several times around the entire space and very few of the buyers held less than two bags. For anyone doing the math (prices after the jump), that's a healthy $600 at least, per person, for an epic line.

Without a doubt, the hottest items were the studded ones, from the most beloved Minkoff style?the "Morning After Bag"?to a classic, rounded purse called the "Roadie." Most people in line sported at least one version of the MAB in their arms; there's the original, the mini, and the mini mini. These are important things to know if you plan on venturing into the sale yourself during these next few days.

Although Rebecca Minkoff probably won't be there in person the next few days like she was last night, and the studded bags won't last much longer, we can guarantee that there will be lots of cash register ringing.

Also, the space is shared with sales on Nicholas K and Nellie Partow, but they are totally dwarfed by the Minkoff bag selection and crowd.

Below, the pricepoints we managed to jot down while being jostled:

Simone Clutch: $150
Infatuation Clutch: $150 (originally $245)
Rendezvous Clutch: $225 (originally $375)
Zip Mini: $325 (originally $550)
Stud Roadie: $345 (originally $575)
Zip Morning After Bag: $350 (originally $595)
Zip Devote: $375 (originally $630)
Stud Mini: $380 (originally $635)
Stud Morning After Bag: $410 (originally $685)

There are far more styles available, and the sale officially begins today at 10am. It runs today through Sunday, 10-8pm each day.
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