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J.Crew's Deranged Holiday Tips: Fishnet Anklets! Sequined Raindeer Tees!

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We've always sort of assumed that the crazy styling tips in the J.Crew catalog are meant to be aspirational—like, you might not actually wear four rhinestone necklaces with a pair of baggy boyfriend khakis and some Jack Purcells, but maybe if you buy just one necklace, you'll be able to bring some of the model's madcap charm to your next business lunch. Even taken as mere suggestions, though, the holiday styling hints currently up on the J.Crew website seem a bit...much. "Perhaps someone got to the eggnog a bit early this year," writes J.Crew Aficionada, citing examples like this:

Style Tip #1: There's more to holiday dressing than costumey holiday sweaters and black cocktail dresses. 'Tis the season to get creative. A celebratory sequin reindeer tee and thigh high socks (rather than conventional tights) give an otherwise classic ensemble a chic twist.

Or this:

Style Tip #4: Not only is a borrowed-from-the-boys buffalo check tie a festive accent, it also keeps this ladylike taffeta skirt from feeling too fancy. Fishnet anklets are the perfect playful finishing touch.
Or an outfit consisting of a ruffled party dress with motorcycle boots and a blazer, which J.Crew "can see a cool mom her kid's school Christmas pageant." J.Crew, we love you, but when even the devoted shoppers in the J.Crew Aficionada comments section sound skeptical, you might have gone overboard with the statement socks.
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