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Above the Fray: Hidden Gems at Twinkle by Wenlan

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If you are a big Twinkle fan, immediately head over to their sample sale at 545 Eighth Avenue (between 38th and 37th Streets) where racks are stacked, prices are low, and customers are few and far between. The sale is being held in Twinkle's showroom, a nicely sized space where both leisurely perusing and crazy rummaging can happen harmoniously without injury. The room is an explosion of beautiful colors, prints and styles, and most pieces cost under $100. There is a wide array of clothing, from blazers, to dresses, trousers, and silk and knit tops.

Many of the dresses were $65 and a couple higher-end pieces were around $130. Some tops were $25 and an adorable pair of gold silk shorts with gold specks were only $35. Accessories ran from $5 to $55 dollars and included necklaces, bracelets, pins, and belts. Be wary of sizes, though—most pieces we spotted were size 2, with a few size 6s hidden in between.

Other things to keep in mind: There are no dressing rooms, so be ready for some partial public nudity. The emptiness of the sale, while sad for the designer, gave us no complaints. It felt like we were at a boutique, which was a nice change from the mayhem that usually ensues with sample sales. If you can to make this one. it will be worth it. If not, next month from Thursday, December 10 through Saturday, December 12, Twinkle is opening a pop-up shop at Cadillac's Castle in the East Village. Prices won't be reduced, but we're still ready for another round.—Lauren Frankfort
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