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Storecasting: Shag Brooklyn Brings Sex Toys to N.6th

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It's funny that Park Slope got a hipster sex shop before freewheeling Williamsburg, but over a year after Babeland opened on Bergen Street, Shag Brooklyn is following suit on Roebling and North 6th. Based on Time Out New York's report, the shop sounds like it will replicate Babeland's earnest, helpful approach to moving vibrators. They sell things like eco-friendly dildos made from recycled materials, and they plan to hold workshops on erotica writing and sexy sculpture. Still, there's a certain Williamsburgishness about the endeavor: The space doubles as an art gallery, and products sold include things like "vagina doorknobs, cast from real vajayjays by artist Rebecca Loyche." Get a vajayjay of your very own Thursday, November 24, when the store officially opens.
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