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Now Open: Best Buy Rises on Union Square

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Circuit City at Union Square closed its doors earlier this year, and Best Buy was quick to claim the prime retail spot. With a grand opening boasting autographed copies of Bon Jovi's CD, this Best Buy is clearly claiming its territory.

Upon further investigation today, we were quite pleased with Union Square's newest fixture. The store is neatly laid out, with floor spaces carefully designated for everything from games and gaming accessories, to computers and laptops, digital imaging, musical instruments, and mobile phones. There were also separate areas for brands like Apple and Magnolia Home Theatre. Televisions lined the walls in classic Best Buy fashion, and the laptop area was crowded with people test-driving their (no doubt) future Christmas purchases.

We must admit, we were expecting a little more than a balloon arch to decorate the new place, but that's okay. We'll give them some time to adjust. Oh, and if you stop by, make sure to strike up conversation with the terrifyingly loud man demanding to see your receipt before you leave the store. He was the highlight of our visit.—Phillip Picardi
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