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Now Open: Miss Lonelyhearts Won't Be Lonely Long

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Miss Lonelyhearts the novel is the depressing story of an advice columnist in boozy 1930s Manhattan who is almost singularly unequipped to handle the heartbreaking letters that appear in his mailbox. Miss Lonelyhearts the boutique, which just opened on the Lower East Side, keeps the noirish atmosphere, drops the existential questions, and replaces them with two Shiba Inu puppies—maybe not the best formula for great literature, but a major improvement in retail terms. The shop, at 250 Broome Street between Orchard and Ludlow, carries bags, jewelry, lingerie, and lingerie-inspired clothing. Jenny Yuen, the owner of the store (and the Shibas), has worked for Jill Stuart, Michael Kors, and Anna Sui, and she's been designing her bags since 2006. For more, click over to the Cut, which has a slideshow of some of the feminine goods on offer.
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