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Lineblogging: Meanwhile, Outside the Apple Store...

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The crew prepares for the madness around 8:30 this morning
The crew prepares for the madness around 8:30 this morning

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If you're standing in a line in Manhattan this fine gray morning, it's either to get your hands on a fast-fashion collaboration or to witness the birth of a tech mecca (or for brunch, we guess, but it's not really the brunching hour yet.) Everything you need to know about the launch of the Upper West Side Apple store can be summed up in this email we received last night: "There are 5 people waiting in the rain outside the store now! It's only 12:30am!" As of 9:15 this morning, the line was three deep on Broadway between 67th and 68th and then wrapped all the way around the block on 68th Street. We hear reports of free Starbucks, Apple branded umbrellas, and lots of cheering and clapping. Two preferred chants: "Smile and say iPod!" and "Upper West Side! Upper West Side!"
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Apple Store Lincoln Center

1981 Broadway, New York NY