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Above the Fray: Total Choo-sanity at H&M

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We survived the line, and now we're finally inside the H&M mothership on Fifth Avenue and 51st Street, where Jimmy Choo's H&M collection is leaping from the shelves. Join us as we bear witness to shopping history, and try not to get hit by any flying studded belts, below.

10:35am: There is a frenzy for the studded belt! Everyone is carrying one. I see lots of the suede dress in gray ($249.) Staffers are restocking clothes at record rates.

10:36am: Women are grabbing at the bags, too. There's a croc one that everyone wants.

10:38am: Staffers brought out the super-cute small chain-link zebra studded bag, which started a grabbing frenzy. It's $99.

10:40am: They're keeping the shoe area penned off by metal gates. There is a huge crush of people outside the gates waiting to get in.

10:42am: Mannequin down near the shoes! It's a mob scene over here.

10:44am: The bracelets are adorable. Wide wristband with round studs for $24.95, chunky rhinestones-and-chain statement necklace for $49.95. I see lots of girls grabbing the sequin tank for $69.95.

10:47am: I'm up in menswear and it's so calm. Men's shoes are available on the floor. I see two boxes of ankle boots just sitting randomly in the tie section and a big table of them in the next room.

10:52am: There are nice accessories in men's. Large gray suede zipper tote with a removable long studded strap, $249. Brown studded thin belt for $39.95. Brown croc weekender and black croc messenger bag for $249. Men's suede boots $199 and suede tie $49.95.

10:54am: Men's black suits are $249. Soft blue v-neck cashmere sweater, $99.

10:56am: Back down in womenswear. The shoe section has more security and staffers than shoppers. It looks so nice and plush in there. They make loudspeaker announcements to warn shoppers when they have five minutes left.

10:59am: People are let into the shoe area in 10 minute intervals, organized by color (as per the rules on the flier they handed out earlier.) The gray group is up next. They have their own checkout and it's super-calm and empty in there. I see the black booties, the blue strappies, the black strappy studded's kind of crazy outside the gate.

11:00am: The next group just went in through a stanchioned entrance. It's like a feeding frenzy. People are pushing and the gate was almost knocked over.

11:03am: Megaphone guy is giving minute by minute warnings: "8 minutes left."

11:04am: Girls are buying an average of three pairs each. One girl has a boyfriend carrying her extra three. Oooh, somebody's getting the over-the-knee boots!

11:07am: Staffer just said that some sizes in the boots are already sold out.

11:10am: I'm back in the clothes section and there is a lot of stock being constantly replenished. The $249 black leather zip front collarless jacket is really soft.

11:12am: Leather pants are $199. Lots of girls are grabbing the black sequined zip front cardigan, too ($129.)

11:14am: Also popular: The long-sleeved rhinestone-covered low-back dress for $129. And the black embellished skyline-design long-sleeved tee for $99.

11:15am: There is also a long line inside for non-wristband shoe shopping.

11:17am: The larger-sized totes are being replenished quite regularly, too. $299 for a black croc tote.

11:19am: Now they're moving the non-wristband line upstairs because it's getting crazy on the main floor.

11:20am: I swear every other girl is carrying the sequined tank.

11:35am: Heading out. People are still trickling into the line outside.

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