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In the Window: Louis Vuitton Takes a Quiet Trip

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Louis Vuitton stripped off its hide-the-windows ribbons to reveal its finished holiday displays, and we dropped by just as they were giving them a last-minute wash to snap a few pictures of the relatively subdued, travel-theme vignettes.

The hot pink backgrounds are a bit flashy, but the mannequins themselves are pretty tame in chic, simple neutrals, with all the color on their monogramed luggage. These are definitely not the type of people who go to the airport in pajamas and sneakers. And good for them, but we don't want to be behind the woman who has to unstrap her gold, cinched-ankle, peep-toe platform booties in the security line.

And by the way, isn't holiday travel unpleasant and stressful enough without the departure boards shouting, "Hurry up" and "Run run run" at you? Ugh. We're having flashbacks already, and we're even worrying about the unfortunate people going to Bali whose flight is delayed. (That's probably the only time we've ever expressed pity for people en route to Bali.) The guys at least seem to be having a chill time of things in the menswear windows, just lounging on their luggage carts while the departure board is comfortably blank, saying only, "Anybody there?" Envy.

The smaller, south-facing accessory windows promote LV's pretty city guides.
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