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Lineblogging: The Louboutin Rumors Are True

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When reports of a Christian Louboutin sale in midtown started showing up on Twitter, we were skeptical, but a spin around the fashion blogs confirms—and a Racked eyewitness seconds—that the red-soled shoes are indeed on sale at ridiculous markdowns on W. 38th Street. Don't run right over just yet, though: Apparently no one is allowed in after 3pm. Even if you'd gotten there early, you would almost certainly be out of luck. Our spy waited in the block-long line outside for nearly 90 minutes with no movement.

The few people who have emerged describe a small space where only two people can look at a rack at a time. At one point there were $100 heels available, but what's left is mostly in the $250 range. Bags go from $100 to $400, and payment is credit card only. Several shoppers have told our spy that it's not worth the trip, and Sample Sally concurs. As for the security guards watching the line, it seems pretty clear that they'd be happier not guarding Loubs from shoppers in the cold and rain. Our correspondent reports one saying to another, "Thank you, Twitter and Facebook. Thanks so much."
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