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Hangover Observations: Zero Thursdays at Cornejo

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Last night marked the second in a series of after hours shopping events dubbed Zero Thursdays at the Zero + Maria Cornejo shop at 33 Bleeker Street. It was an opportunity to check out the newly available resort collection as well as the line's so-called "Harvest Knits" over lovely mugs of warm brandied cider—how could we resist?

We loved the resort collection—especially a gorgeous midnight blue cocktail dress with shoulders encrusted in the type of little, multicolored beads that kids use to make bracelets out of at summer camp; and the duo of silk companion pieces that feature a blown-out photo-print of that very same beading. Other notables: purple silkens with abstracted photo-prints of Manhattan as seen from Red Hook, a pure white egg-shaped tote in buttery leather, and a fantastic collection of metal and horsehair jewelry.

Cornejo was there, chatting with her delightful shop staff, and we couldn't help but notice she was wearing one of our favorite pieces from the winter collection—a gray tartan mohair overcoat/duster job with leather accents (we're told an actual coat in the same toasty-warm but feather-light material is the season's top seller). Other gems: stretched Highline-printed dresses and a violet frock patterned with photos of the designer's cat Grace (What did we tell you about head-to-toe cat wear?) All together a relaxed little get together amongst absolutely gorgeous clothing by a New York City favorite—similar events are going on every Thursday from 6pm to 9pm (and we'll hopefully see the menswear collection debut on a Thursday early next year—fingers crossed).
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