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Now Open: Timothy Oulton's ABC Carpet Bachelor Pad

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Designer Timothy Oulton's new section on the fourth floor of ABC Carpet and Home is the greatest man cave we've ever seen. The space is anchored by several large sofas—some upholstered in brown leather, some in the British flag—and strewn with man props like military boots, flag-print pillows, and hollowed-out books. Basically, every single item in the shop could have the word "man" semi-ironically appended at the front. Prices are accordingly virile: Steamer trunks are $395 to $1,995, brass drums go for $795 to $995, and the furniture ranges up to nearly $4,000. The merchandise is a mix of lovingly restored vintage and scuffed-up new, which means not everything will be restocked; once they're out of the Paris flea market drums, for example, the drums are gone for good.
· Timothy Oulton Creates the British Man Cave [NYT]