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In The Window: Peeking At Vuitton's Travel Theme

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It's been a dreary, cold day today; the first of many of course, but the perfect time for stores to clean out old window displays and replace them with something flashier, something more appropriately attention-getting before the retail high holidays arrive.

While all of the windows at Bergdorf Goodman were under "Windows In Progress" lock-and-key today, Louis Vuitton slowly peeled the black off of theirs to reveal a travel theme, complete with departure boards and an LV-logoed luggage carts?it's now on our Christmas list.

We expect all of the window wrappings to come down by tomorrow so that the rest of both the BG and LV windows can be beguile, but until then we're just going to gaze upwards at the new vinyls on the outside of the Vuitton store, promoting their series of City Guides. We have a few old editions of the city guides, and they're just as stuffy and filled with over-priced, over-touristed places as you'd imagine, so maybe just stick to trying to buy that LV luggage cart for us, okay?
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