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In The Window: Juicy Couture Is Just A Freak Show

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What can we say about the current (and literal) freak show going on in the windows of Juicy Couture on 5th Avenue? Are they now just trying to be as idiotic as possibly so that they'll attract our attention? We wouldn't rule it out, since it seems as though they spend more money on their mannequins and window frippery than they do on their products.

This week we see bearded ladies, a horse wearing pink booties, a mannequin being shot out of a cannon, a tattooed fortune teller, and other unexplainables. And then there are the slogans on the window?they're so bad, they're almost Engrish. "Mini-Me for babies who like stuff" is one, while another is "Juicy'est show on earth." Also not to be missed: "The loudest barking dogwear." Ladies and Gents, we can't make this stuff up, but apparently the geniuses at Juicy can.
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